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Comprehensive Commercial Inspections in Johnstown, Ohio by Professional Property Inspections

When it comes to ensuring the integrity and safety of your commercial property in Johnstown, Ohio, trust the expertise of Professional Property Inspections. Led by David Tamny, a Registered Architect and an ASHI Certified Home Inspector with over 25 years of experience, our team provides thorough and competent evaluations of all systems and components within a commercial building. David’s extensive background guarantees a detailed assessment of the property's life expectancy, materials used, construction quality, and deferred maintenance, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

David Tamny's deep roots in Johnstown, Ohio, since 1984, combined with his architectural degree from Kent State University, bring a unique and valuable perspective to commercial inspections. As a registered architect since 1991, David's professional journey has equipped him with the skills necessary to identify and evaluate critical aspects of commercial properties. Having personally conducted over 5,000 inspections, David’s expertise is unmatched, providing you with the confidence that your property will be meticulously inspected and evaluated.

Founded in 1992, Professional Property Inspections stands out for its commitment to delivering honest, unbiased, and fair evaluations. David's experience as a field superintendent with Centex Homes enriches his understanding of construction quality and property maintenance. At Professional Property Inspections, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, which is why David is always available to answer questions and offer maintenance tips to property owners. Trust us to provide the highest standard of commercial inspections in Johnstown, Ohio, ensuring your investment is secure and well-informed.

Property inspection in Columbus Ohio

ASTM E 2018 is the accepted standard for the baseline commercial property condition assessment. This is the standard upon which we base our commercial property inspections.

Based upon the needs of the client the standard may be modified to include such items as dismantling and operation of key systems, maintenance schedules and costs to replace systems at the end of their life cycle. All of our property condition assessments follow the baseline property condition assessment process as outlined in the ASTM E-2018 standards unless deviations are previously discussed and mutually agreeable.

One of the stated goals of the assessment per the ASTM Standards is to identify and communicate physical deficiencies including defects and deferred maintenance including the cost to remedy items over $3,000 or $10,000 in aggregate.

property inspection in Columbus Ohio

The process involves document reviews, personnel and vendor interviews, followed by a "Walk-Through" survey conducted by a qualified field observer. The results of the "Walk-Through" survey are then reviewed by a qualified PCR reviewer who combines it with the document reviews, interviews and established cost estimates, to generate a complete and comprehensive Property Condition Report.

We have the flexibility to custom tailor your assessment for your project, budget, client and situation.

A detailed commercial property inspection will help you to understand the current condition of the property, the life span of its systems and budget accordingly for maintenance, repair, and replacement items-older buildings can be especially problematic in this area.

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Johnstown, OH Commercial Property Inspection Reviews

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