Professional Property Inspection Fees

"How much do you charge?" When most people call to inquire about a home inspection, this is generally the first and only question on their minds. They mistakenly believe that they are getting the same service from each inspector that they call and that if they can save a couple of bucks by finding someone $25.00 cheaper, then they have been a smart shopper. This couldn't be further from the truth. Certainly, if you were seeking a doctor for a heart bypass this is not the approach that you would use to find the best-qualified physician for the job.

For many people buying a home is the single most important investment that they will make. Why trust this to someone who will not do the best job for you just because they are cheaper? The reality is that a home inspection generally pays for itself many times over in the savings gained from renegotiation based on the findings of the inspection report. If an inexperienced or worse yet an inspector who "works for the Realtor" overlooks or minimizes important conditions, the buyer has saved nothing by finding a low priced inspection.

There are different methods used by inspectors to calculate the inspection fee. Some charge by the square footage of the house others base their fees on the price of the home. There oftentimes may be add on charges for components such as multiple furnaces, air conditioners, outbuildings, crawl spaces, or appliances. Many times the age and complexity of the home play a role in the fee. Ultimately the best way to understand the fee is to realize that the fee should reflect the complexity and time spent at the house.

It's not about price but value. Home inspection standards are minimal requirements for a minimal inspection. To get a quality inspection your inspector should be going beyond the minimum. Combustible gas meters, carbon monoxide detectors, and moisture meters are important tools that are not required in a typical inspection to association standards. A minimal inspection is simply insufficient to identify significant conditions. For example, a furnace with elevated levels of carbon monoxide is a life-threatening safety hazard yet a condition that would be missed during a minimal inspection.

If price were all that mattered we'd all be driving Yugos. The 2005 ASHI Business Operations Study lists the average inspection fee for full-time inspectors in 2004 at $321.00. The truth is if you are being quoted a low ball price you should be asking what you are not getting.

We are thorough and objective. When you hire us for an inspection, you will get an independent objective evaluation of your home based on 15 years of home inspection experience from a professionally licensed architect. Our reports are not some cheap checklist, unreadable because of chicken scratch writing. Our report is professional and includes photos documenting conditions so that you can better negotiate for repairs. We do not minimize defects and tell it like it is. We have no vested interest in whether you purchase the house or not. We give you a truly unbiased evaluation of the home so that you have the information you need to make a sound buying decision.

Call us for a price at (614) 459-5941 Before we quote a price on a home inspection we want to understand what we are inspecting. The square footage, age, and complexity of the house are important factors. We want to know if there are any special concerns as well. Generally, inspections begin at $300.00. Termite and radon are optional services.

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