The Power of Infrared


How well is your home insulated? In this era of rising energy costs money can be literally going out the window. The use of infrared imaging can show where energy is being lost through the building envelope. Insulation is an area that is often taken for granted and is difficult to directly observe. To be effective insulation in wall cavities must not be compressed and should evenly touch all six surfaces of the cavities between the studs.

This is an example of brand new construction observed during a cold winter day. The red areas indicate where heat is being lost. On a visual home inspection, there would be no possibility of catching these types of deficiencies. An infrared camera literally enables you to see what the naked eye cannot.

This illustration shows leaking ductwork in the attic. Energy is literally being lost through improper joints in flexible ductwork. All joints in the ductwork should be sealed properly so as not to allow leakage into the unconditioned attic space. Using visual means only this condition would never be discovered.