Property Inspections Services

The home inspection is a visual examination of the major systems and components of a dwelling performed to the:

American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Structural System

Foundation;Basement; Crawlspace; Framing; Roof Structure


Exterior wall coverings, flashings and trim; doors, decks balconies, stoops, steps porches, railings;eaves soffits and fascias; vegetation grading surface drainage and retaining walls; walkways patios and driveways.

Roof System

Roof coverings; drainage system; flashing; skylights, chimneys and roof penetrations.

Plumbing System

Interior water supply and distribution systems, fixtures and faucets; drain waste and vent systems. Water heating equipment;; vent systems; flues and chimneys; drainage sumps and related piping.

Electrical System

Service Drop: service entrance conductors, cables and raceways; service equipment and main disconnects; service grounding, conductors, overcurrent protction devices; lighting fixtures, switches and recepticals; ground fault circuit interrupters.

Heating System

Installed heating equipment; vents, flues and chimneys.

Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning; through wall units.


Walls, ceilings, floors; steps, stairways and railings; coutnertops and cabinets; doors and windows; garage doors and operators

Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and vapor retarders; ventilation of attics and foundation areas; mechanical ventilation systems.

Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

Vent systems, flues and chimneys

Additional Inspection Services

Termite Inspection

We are Licensed Commercial Applicators in Ohio and can perform the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection at the same time as the general home inspection

Radon Testing

Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. The EPA estimates that 21,000 deaths occur each year due due to exposure to radon gas. We provide a 48 hour test to determine the levels of radon gas in a house. This can be performed in conjunction with a general home inspection.